Designed to inspire. Built to last.

Introducing the New Standard in 21st Century Design and Construction

Folia marks a new way of building. A standardized system that is both adaptable and prefabricated, Folia is a long-lasting building solution that can be delivered at an expedited pace.

Initially developed for schools, Folia is ideally suited for a wide range of commercial uses – from labs to office space.

Exceptional ROI

A cost-effective upfront investment with low life cycle and maintenance costs

Faster speed of delivery

Turnkey and delivered at
an expedited pace*

Greater cost predictability

Pre-engineering offers visibility into the total cost to build

From ground to Folia in no time

Check out some of our latest construction footage.

“We were looking for a superior quality and cost-effective solution to support the enrollment growth at Cupertino High School and Folia fit our needs perfectly….The overall value we’ve received is impressive, saving the District almost $6 million.”

Polly Bove Superintendent, Fremont Union High School District