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An innovative, pre-engineered two-story building, Folia delivers the quality and flexibility of a custom designed steel building, for less cost, in less time.

Folia was developed by K-12 design and construction leaders Blach Construction and Quattrocchi Kwok Architects with the help of the innovative structural engineering firm Gregory P. Luth & Associates.

Yes. Folia has received California Division of State Architect Pre-Check (PC) approval. Pre-check approval dramatically reduces individual project DSA approval timelines.

No! Given Folia’s interior walls are non-bearing, the floorplan can be easily modified to a variety of use cases, such as office or medical space. Check out the FUHSD Educational Options case study to learn more about how Folia is being used for office space.


A two-story Folia building can be constructed in approximately 8-10 months. This will vary based on site-specific conditions and the level of customization.

As an integrated design and construction solution, Folia is best suited to collaborative delivery methods, including Design-Build and Lease-Leaseback.

Each Folia project has its own Blach-appointed Project Executive who serves as the main point of contact throughout the design and construction process. With their experience as both Program and Construction Managers, Blach Project Executives are uniquely qualified for this role. Each project also has a QKA Project Architect who is responsible for the design and adaptation of the Folia building to meet your needs. For more information, contact Kim Scott to set up a preliminary meeting.

Yes. The Folia team will work hand-in-hand with existing architectural teams to customize your Folia design, provide site enhancements related to the building and make other improvements on the school campus. This relationship works similarly to the way that traditional modular buildings are designed in collaboration with a site Architect.

Yes. The Folia team is committed to working collaboratively with each client and their team to deliver the best solution required, as we value the experience that team members you have previously worked with bring to a project. There are a number of ways that local or preferred contractors and CMs may be involved in the project. One common way is through the design and construction of the site improvements, such as landscaping, paving, utilities, etc.

Inspections by the IOR and special inspectors are essentially the same as a site built building, except that shop inspections will occur while work is being performed in the shop. This may include welding or any other aspect of work that requires inspection because it will not be accessible to inspect when the components are delivered to the field.


Yes. Folia can be adapted to fit in with existing campuses. The prototype design supports a variety of finish and material options. The building design can also be customized to match the design and appearance of your existing school by changing finish materials, color and some design elements.

Yes. Folia’s design features high quality, durable systems and materials that are standard practice on many school projects. These selections can be quickly adapted as necessary to meet your District Standards.

The Folia team has worked hard to design Folia for the lowest possible life cycle cost and ease of maintenance without sacrificing quality and feels this is best addressed with large wall-mounted monitors. However, these can be modified to District standards if needed. We do not include monitors in our baseline pricing, but are happy to include them and handle the procurement of them if its easier for your District team. Data/Telecom, Fire Alarm, and Clock/PA systems are included in the baseline Folia design. A security system is not included in the baseline design but can be included.

Yes. Dimming, and even black-out shades, can be provided if necessary. Our design team will work with your school to make sure that appropriate daylight control measures are in place to meet the needs of your digital presentation system.

Folia has a concrete and steel deck floor system that provides for excellent acoustic isolation between floors. This design provides far superior acoustic isolation to wood framed two story buildings. Walls, doors and windows are all designed to limit sound transmission between spaces. Folia is designed to the strict acoustical standards for sound isolation included within the CHPS criteria to provide high performance learning environments.

School site security is a complex issue that is highly specific to each school site. The Folia team has many years of experience addressing school security concerns and will work with you to make sure all security concerns are addressed.

In general, security presents two conflicting concerns relative to glazing. For all scenarios except that involving an active shooter — which is the vast majority of the time — the large glazing areas are good for student safety and security. Having transparency between the classroom and the outside allows passive supervision of the exterior, greatly reducing areas of the campus that are not well-supervised. This is called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), a widely used design approach that is incorporated into the Folia design.

In the event there is an active shooter scenario, shades provide an effective means of limiting visibility, in addition to the areas of the classrooms that do not have glazing. Lastly, the break-out spaces can serve as safe areas as well. Because Folia can be adapted to meet specific security needs, our team will work with you to make sure your school’s security concerns are addressed.


Yes. Folia is designed to exceed the standards of the California Green Building Code and the California Energy Code. It meets the Criteria of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), through which we are currently pursuing CHPS Pre-Fab approval.

Yes, Folia is solar-ready. PV panels can be added to any Folia project. There are many variables in sizing a solar PV system for the Folia building, including local climate and site conditions. We estimate that a PV system of approximately 70-90kW would be required to make Folia a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) building. To calculate a final cost, more specific analysis can be performed once the building location and orientation are determined for each project.


The warranty on Folia is the same as it would be for a purpose-designed and built building. The basic warranty is one year and many of the specific materials/equipment have longer warranties. As an example, the roofing included in the base design has a 25-year warranty. The warranties on materials and equipment will depend on the specific materials/equipment used on each project.

Folia is designed with no compromises in building quality. It is a durable and long-lasting building that is designed and built using the same materials and systems as a standard site-built steel frame building. The estimated useful life of this type of building is usually quoted at 50 years. However, with regular maintenance and periodic upgrades, similar buildings have proven to last much longer.